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Full list IPTV Africa channels working with the mag, android, ios, smart tv.fastbuyIPTV Africa channels If you are looking for channels you can stay with us. We provide more than 800 channels include OTE sport with HD quality. For detail, about the channel, you can check the list below. Our channels are stable and have good quality, if you need a trial you can register on my web We will send you a trial account. With this account, you will have 48h to test all channel before decide to go ahead and buy a subscription. fastbuyIPTV offers best iptv server,buy iptv with fastbuyiptv . we provide HD channel We support almost all devices and platforms: IPTV PC (VLC player, single TV, XBMC, Kodi etc.) Mobile and tablets (IOS and Android with supported software) Enigma 2/ Dreambox,… Boxes Android TV, Smart TV and MAG 256/322 /… You can use any device you want and we have the manual step by step for each device, you can easily find the way to setup IPTV streaming with your device. If you face any issue with the channel or set up your device with our service on 48h free trial don’t hesitate to contact us. We will help you solve it.

IPTV Africa | IPTV Channels List

AF: Vox Africa




AF: Africable

AF: Africahwood TV

AF: Erbu Africa

AF: Africa Today TV

AF: Africa TV

AF: Africa TV 2

AF: Africa TV 3

AF: ANN 7 South Africa

AF: IBN TV Africa

AF: Trace Africa

AF: Rave TV (Nigeria)

AF: ZTV Ghana


AF: Wazobia TV

AF: Walf TV

AF: Ortb TV

AF: Tm2 TV

AF: Universal TV


AF: Tele sud AF: Tvs1 TV AF: Kedu TV ( Ghana ) AF: TV Continental Nigeria AF: Tafawoq AF: KALSAN TV  IPTV AF: SNTV AF: Sen TV AF: Sudan Drama AF: TFM SENEGAL AF: TPA Angola AF: TFM (Senegal) AF: CBC TV 8 AF: GTV AF: Rtb AF: SIKKA TV AF: DABANGA SUDAN AF: RTV Rwanda AF: Congo TV AF: RTS1 Senegal AF: RTS2 (SN2) (Senegal) AF: RTI2 TV AF: Adom TV AF: RTI LA PREMIERE AF: RTI 1 AF: NollyWood TV AF: LIBERATION TV AF: Joy News AF: IL TV  IPTV AF: Gtv Sports Plus ( Ghana ) AF: EBC ETHIOPIA AF: AITInt’l AF: SOMALI CABLE AF: Gabon TV AF: CRTV TV AF: Equinoxe AF: Maisha TV AF: RTNC AF: TVT International ( Togo ) AF: AIT International ( Nigeria ) AF: Burkina Info ( Burkina Faso ) AF: CANAL 225 ( BENIN ) AF: Channels 24 TV ( Nigeria ) AF: ENN AF: Espace TV ( Guinee ) AF: Lamp Fall TV (Senegal) AF: Rok TV ( Nigeria ) AF: SBC ( Somalia ) AF: TOUBA TV (Senegal) AF: TV3 Live AF: Cherifa TV ( Mali ) AF: Nikadys TV AF: WAP TV ( Nigeria ) AF: MFM TV AF: A2i TV ( Senegal ) AF: Aci TV ( OM5 TV ) AF: Amazing Discoveries TV AF: Ben TV ( Ghana ) AF: Canal 2 Infos Cameroun AF: Cinestream TV AF: CNA  IPTV AF: D24 AF: DBS TV ( Cameroun ) AF: Dunamis tv ( Nigeria ) AF: EBC2 TV AF: Emmanuel TV AF: Eri TV AF: Francophonie 24 AF: GRTS ( Gambia ) AF: Impact TV (Burkina Faso) AF: ITV ( Nigeria ) AF: Joy Prime TV ( Ghana ) AF: Juice TV AF: K24 TV ( Kenya ) AF: K24 TV Kenya AF: KBC1 AF: Kessben TV Ghana AF: Loveworld Plus TV ( Nigeria ) AF: MaishaI TV AF: ManaSat MZ ( Mozambique ) AF: Mourchid TV (Senegal) AF: Mouridiyah tv (Senegal) AF: Music TV Singhal AF: Ndiouroul TV ( Senegal ) AF: Neem TV Congo AF: Nigezie TV ( Nigeria ) AF: NollyWood French AF: Nollywood Movies AF: Novelas TV AF: NTAi ( Nigeria ) AF: NTV ( Uganda ) AF: Ole Tfm AF: Oromia Sudan AF: Qacaid TV AF: RTN TV ( Gabon ) AF: Rwanda tv AF: Tchad TV AF: TCV Cape Verde AF: Tele Congo AF: Tele Djibouti AF: Tele Sahel ( Niger ) AF: TFM OLE ( Senegal ) AF: A PLUS AF: AFRICANEWS AF: AFRICANEWS FRANCAIS AF: AFRICAWOOD AF: Ai2TV RELIGION SENEGAL AF: Ai2TV SENEGAL AF: ASFIYAHI SENEGAL AF: BANTAMBA AF: BICHRI TV AF: CANAL 2 CAMEROUN AF: CANAL 2 ENGLISH CAMEROUN AF: CANAL 2 MOVIES CAMEROUN AF: CANAL 3 BENIN AF: CANAL 3 MBOA AF: DIASPORA 24 SENEGAL AF: EDEN TV AF: EQUINOXE CAMEROUN AF: ESPACE GAMB AF: EVASION GUINEE AF: FAME TV NIGERIA AF: GHANA ONE AF: GOLF TV AF: JOYPRIME AF: KBC KENYA AF: KTN KENYA GAMB AF: MOURIDETV SENEGAL AF: NTV KENYA AF: NTV UGANDA AF: NW-INFO TOGO AF: NW-MAGAZINE TOGO AF: NW-MUZIK TOGO AF: ROK TV AF: STV2 CAMEROUN AF: TV5 AFRIQUE AF: TVT TOGO AF: WEST AFRICA GUINEE AF: ZIMBO AF: TFM Religions AF: Touba Mondebi AF: TV Mana AF: TV Mana-Maputo AF: TVC News ( Nigeria ) AF: Vision 4 AF: RTG ( Guiniea ) AF: Afrique Media TV AF: HC TV AF: TVM 1 ( Mozambique ) AF: TVM 2 ( Mozambique ) AF: Faith TV AF: GOD TV AF: TBN TV AF: SOMALILAND NATIONAL TV AF: DTV Senegal AF: RTI1 TV Cote D’ivoir AF: RTI2 TV Cote D’ivoir AF: RTI2 TV ( Cote d’Ivoir ) AF: ABN TV AF: RTS1  IPTV AF: SUPER SPORTS 11 HD AF: SUPER SPORTS 12 HD AF: SUPER SPORTS 3 HD AF: SUPER SPORTS 5 HD AF: SUPER SPORTS 6 HD AF: SUPER SPORTS 7 HD AF: SUPER SPORTS 9 HD